User Experience Designer & Brand Expert

Ellis Zijlstra

Ellis Zijlstra

As a leading UX expert for AI solutions and Product Director at Kentivo, my passion lies in creating user-friendly and innovative products driven by advanced artificial intelligence. With a deep understanding of UX principles and the latest AI tech, I’ve refined my skills at finding the right balance between human interaction and technology, ensuring our solutions truly meet users’ needs.

Throughout my career, I’ve led product teams and navigated complex tech landscapes to turn user needs into successful apps. Working with diverse clients in B2B and B2C markets, I’ve sharpened my skills in designing intuitive interfaces, implementing advanced machine learning algorithms, and delivering personalized user experiences at scale.

Additionally, as co-owner of the innovative companies Marsaci, Kentivo, and MDinfo, I have gained valuable experience in business management, overseeing finance, operations and HR processes. My goal is to elevate Kentivo’s position in the AI-driven solutions market.

Let’s collaborate to build the next generation of products that set the standard for usability, innovation, and impact.

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