Ellis Zijlstra

About Ellis

Proven skills for translating user needs into usable and attractive applications.
Broad experience in job roles covering UX design, creative leadership and strategy in the B2B and B2C market.
Enjoys working in a team and is a link between the user, the technique and the business.
Has a great drive and is capable of quickly finding creative solutions.
Loves to work with new technologies, find easy to use solutions to complex problems and to create interactions that work for the user.

Graduated at the Technical University Delft, Masters in Industrial Design Engineering, ergonomic informatics. Graduation project at KPN Research


Designed for Smartphones, Tablet and Desktops applications. Worked with a wide variety of wireframe tools, like Adobe suite, Sketch, Invision, Lucidcharts, Principle. Years of experience with Agile working, User Centered Design, Service Design and Scrum. Worked for a wide variety of clients; covering the public sector, SMB, start-ups and multinationals.
  • Gathering requirements, concept design, designing wireframes, low and high fidelity prototypes, setting-up and performing usability tests and stakeholder management

  • Using persona's, story telling, service design

  • Concept design and strategy, brainstorm sessions, design workshops

  • Usability testing, Guerilla testen, A/B testing


Sr. User Experience Designer and Art Director – Kentivo

(October ‘17 – current)

My mission is to design innovative applications that save time, seamlessly integrating the power of smart technologies with our capabilities as intelligent humans.  Tasks: Introducing a new way of working combining User Experience design methodologies with Artificial Intelligence possibilities to create the best experience, designing a new house style and branding messages, creating persona’s and customer journey maps, designing wireframes, micro interactions, principle prototypes, perform guerrilla usability tests.

Senior UX designer – ING (via Informaat)

(March ’15 – September ‘17)

Responsible for delivering the best omnichannel user experience for the day-to-day banking business. Tasks; gathering requirements, setting up and facilitating design workshops, developing and using Persona’s, Customer Journey Maps, wireframes, prototypes, setting-up and performing usability tests and stakeholder management.

Senior UX designer – ez-design

(September ’10 – current)

Independent consultant and designer. Performed User experience and strategy related projects for enterprise applications and responsive internet sites, including: strategy and concept development, customer Journey’s, persona’s, wireframing, graphical design, project management and UX/usability testing. Clients a.o. Municipality of The Haque, Kroodle (sister of Aegon), IBM, Ayton, TransFollow, Global Orange, Uniserv, Simpled, Checkmore.

Brand Strategy Leader – IBM Benelux

(September ‘08 – September ‘10)

Build and executed the brand awareness strategy for the Benelux. Responsible for the Corporate Identity of IBM. Positioning IBM with its stakeholders in relation to new developments like Smarter Planet, Smarter Cities. Managing design- and PR-agencies, web design team, demand program specialist.

External communication manager – IBM Benelux

 (April ‘05 – August ‘08)

Benelux spokesperson with the focus on innovation. Speechwriter for the CEO of IBM Benelux. Crisis communication. Developer of the innovation strategy and communication strategy on politically sensitive issues, like road charging, open source/standards and supercomputers. Initiator ‘Research Insight’ sessions (awarded) and IBM’s Innovation Week (Computable Award Best IT Event 2006).

Innovation Strategy & UX consultant – IBM

(February ‘03 – March ‘05)

Developed and deployed innovative concepts in the area of Human – Computer Interaction for IBM and clients. Project lead for user profiling project in cooperation with Telematica Institute. Project manager ‘Extreme Blue’ expo in Europe (awarded). Explored and assessed (technology) trends within the industry.

Interaction Designer / Usability expert – IBM

(February ‘01 – January. ’03)

Developer of interaction models, storyboards and look & feel for IBM and clients, like Shell, Swets Blackwell, Ricoh, European Patent Office. Responsible for the first mobile usability lab of IBM, used in New York. Manager of User Centred Design projects. Graphical designer for websites, banners and posters.

Global project manager – IBM

 (February ‘99 – January ’01)

Responsible for defining and implementing new services within the international billing and ordering departments and helpdesks. Setting up an international development path for the provision of e-business Hosting services (awarded).

Another passion is to develop sculptures of clay and bronze. Inspired by human figures, I love to create an intriguing tension between lines, colors and materials.